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    The cattery called
    'Cat Heaven'

  • suite at cat heaven cattery

    Cat Heaven - more than a cattery

  • suite at cat heaven cattery

    Cat Heaven - near Brentwood

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    Cat Heaven - near Chelmsford

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    Cat Heaven - near Billericay

This isn't a boarding cattery; it's what cats call Heaven

Who'd have believed that Heaven was in Essex?

The only cattery in Essex called Heaven

cat logoSo, you're a cat owner, you live somewhere in Essex and it's holiday time. You're debating booking your cat into a cattery for a couple of weeks while you're away on holiday. There are many different types of cattery but, for most people, a boarding cattery is one of those places where cats are incarcerated in little cages that can also double as rabbit hutches.

grassy external area

Cat Heaven is a totally different type of boarding cattery. It's nothing like any cattery you've ever seen in the UK. Conveniently located in the Essex countryside, easily reached from Chelmsford, Brentwood, Basildon and Billericay, Cat Heaven tries to be a genuine 'home from home' for guests. A hotel, in every sense. Instead of being confined to a plastic or wire pen for the duration, our guests get their own room. And when we say room, we mean room. Take a look at the pictures and you'll get the idea.

Let's call the rooms 'suites' to make it easier. The Cat Heaven cattery consists of eight first-floor suites, each loosely designed on the average domestic living room. The cattery suites have carpets, sofas and armchairs, climbing frames, beds, umpteen toys and unrestricted access to a large outdoor area, also equipped with activity frames, chairs, shelves and so on. Most of the outdoor areas have tiled surfaces, but two have grass lawns. Although our cattery suites were created with the aim of accommodating several cats together, they can also be used to pamper cats who prefer to board alone.

If you're looking for a cattery near Chelmsford, a cattery near Brentwood, a boarding cattery near Billericay, or if you're just looking for the best cattery in Essex, we're only a short drive away. Due to our superb location and the unique cattery accommodation we provide, Cat Heaven is frequently fully booked. As a general rule, if you don't book at least 4 months in advance, you'll be too late.

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