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Cat Heaven - Cattery Prices

Due to the time it takes to prepare a suite for a new guest, our cattery accommodation prices are charged by the day. Guests pay a full day for the day of arrival and also for the day of departure. The benefit for you as a client is that you can drop off or collect your cat or cats at any time from 7.30am - 8.30pm Monday to Saturday and 9.00am and 6.00pm on Sundays.

Our suites have a minimum booking period of 4 days thoughout the year, but a 7 day minimum booking applies during the months of July and August and between 20th December and 5th January.

Our standard prices include the exclusive rental of one of our cattery suites, plus meals provided from our standard product list. There are no additional charges for heating or anything else. If you are unable to bring your cats to Cat Heaven, or unable to collect them, we are able to provide a pet taxi service at reasonable rates if required.

Important note:

Our suites can only be booked for cats which normally live together in the same house, like a family of cats.

Cattery Suite Prices

One or two cats: Rental of one of our cattery suites including meals and accommodation for up to two cats is charged at £35.00 per day.
Three or more cats: If you have a larger family of cats, each additional cat is charged at £12.00 per cat, per day.

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