• Cat Heaven can even deal with individual diets

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Cat Heaven Diet

Our standard prices include meals from a huge range of popular foods, dry and wet. Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent a standard 'menu' from which you can specify what, how much and how often your cat or cats are fed. The products we stock cater for more than 95% of all our guests, but we are always happy to deal with individual diets.

..within reason...

If your budget stretches to sushi and our local sushi bar agrees to provide a home-delivery service we can probably deal with that. We're proud to say that Cat Heaven isn't your ordinary boarding cattery, but even we have limits. We understand how cats can be picky, and we're happy to deal with individual diets, but that doesn't stretch to filleted and poached herring for breakfast, with devilled kidneys and toasted mice for dinner. If your cat needs a personal chef, we can provide him or her with a camp-bed in your cat's suite...

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