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    About Cat Heaven

Creating Cat Heaven - The best Cattery in Essex

First and foremost, we are cat lovers. The inspiration to create Cat Heaven flows directly from that. If you've ever taken your cats to a normal cattery and felt uncomfortable about leaving them imprisoned in tiny little cages, you'll understand why we decided to create an alternative. Cat Heaven is our proof that a boarding cattery doesn't have to be a prison in order to be a profitable business.

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Where does your cat usually live? Aside from endless hours hunting for moving snacks, ours live in our house, usually on one of the sofas in the lounge. It's what they call home. So, we decided that our cattery should be, quite literally, a home from home for our cats. In fact, it's not a cattery. It's Cat Heaven.

Cat Heaven is beautifully situated, surrounded by peaceful Essex countryside, yet nothing more than a short drive away from Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay or even Basildon, thanks to the A12. Despite having eight ground-floor suites in the main house, each with their own individual outside runs and capable of housing even the biggest cat family, the cattery has been almost permanently fully booked for the past 12 months. Rather than simply make the rooms smaller in order to add more, we are currently in the process of doubling our capacity by converting a former barn into luxury suites, which are expected to enter service soon.

Cat Heaven isn't for everybody, we know that. We could be clever and say that Cat Heaven was created for people who have several cats and who are willing to pay for a premium service, but the truth is that Cat Heaven was built for cats, not their owners. Cats love it, as will yours.

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